White Van Around the Neighborhood

Hello Everyone,

There has been a white van spotted around the neighborhood. We want to remind all to visit the Neighborhood Watch Page to pick up some safety tips.

Here is a reminder:

Robbery Tips

  • When walking to or from a location, take the most direct route possible.
  • If at all possible, never walk alone.
  • Do not walk in secluded areas or hang out in unoccupied or abandoned buildings or places.
  • Do not accept rides from, or offer rides, to people you do not know.
  • Do not open the door for anyone, unless you know them personally. If the person does not leave, advise them you will call the POLICE. Do not let them into your home. Call 911 immediately.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash or wear a lot of jewelry.
  • Make sure your wallet or purse is carried in a manner that will make it difficult for someone to grab.
  • Do not count your money in public. Do not leave your purse unattended in a public place or in your vehicle.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the activity going on around you. If something is wrong or you do not like the situation, remove yourself from the situation immediately.
 Thank you!!

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