New Covenants Update


To: Homeowners

From: HOA Board

Date: July 9, 2016

Subject: New Covenants Update

As you know, at the end of April this year the HOA Board sent out by 1st class mail to every homeowner the Draft AMENDED AND RESTATED DECLARATION OF RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS FOR WINDRUSH SUBDIVISION along with a letter from our HOA Attorney Kim Gaddis with a summary of the proposed changes. We asked for and received many written comments as requested, then we scheduled and held a ‘Town Hall’ type meeting at the pool pavilion on May 21st to elicit additional comments from homeowners and to answer questions. The purpose of this approach was to try and make the new covenants the best possible set of restrictive covenants for our neighborhood that we could.

The 2016 Board wants to thank everyone that provided either written or verbal feedback to the Board during this process. And, because of the May 21st meeting, the Board is providing a ‘tracked-changes’ draft of the proposed covenants to show what changes have been incorporated as a direct result of homeowner comments and to provide another chance to comment with the intent to make additional improvements in the final document. In addition, we have provided a write up prepared by members of our current Board to try and address the issue of Enforcement and Liens and Written Notice and Communications requirements to homeowners. In addition, this write up provides responses from our HOA Attorney and the Board response to a couple of comments from homeowners. This is being provided for additional clarification and to demonstrate the process that the Board has been going through during this effort.

We wanted to try and get to this point before now, but as you can imagine, the task of coordinating everyone’s schedules and reading, analyzing, and incorporating homeowner comments into the draft document over the busy summer season was not an easy task. But, having said that, we are still pushing to get the Amended and Restated Covenants finalized and sent out to everyone for a vote over the next month or so. To that end, please take a look at the posted documents and provide any feedback or comments via email to the Board to by our next Board meeting which is scheduled for the 19th of July so we can keep this process moving.

Board Write-Up to Address Homeowner Cncerns-June 2016

Track Changes Copy Draft Amended and Restated Declaration v5 July 9 2016

Thank You.

The 2016 HOA Board of Directors

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