Covenants & Restrictions

Windrush is proud to be a community with covenants and restrictions. Being familiar with the covenants and restrictions is very important to preserving our property values and the integrity of our community.
The rejected covenants are currently being reviewed and revised by the 2018 covenants committee.
CURRENT – Complete Covenants & Restrictions, By-Laws, and Amendments

Following are copies of the original Covenants & Restrictions, By-Laws, and Amendments 1-6. Please make sure as you read each document that you are aware that Amendments 1-6 may have changed certain provisions in the original document. All documents are in Adobe PDF format and require the Adobe Reader software for viewing. Adobe Reader may be downloaded free at this link.

The following are the CURRENT covenants and restrictions, NOT the new ones in proposal.

Current By-Laws of Shadburn Ferry Homeowners Association

Current Restrictive Covenants

Current Amendment 1

Current Amendment 2

Current Amendment 3

Current Amendment 4

Current Amendment 5

Current Amendment 6

The By-Laws, Covenants & Restrictions and all Amendments are provided on this website as a courtesy to each homeowner. They may not be used for any legal litigation or legal review against Shadburn Ferry Homeowners Association, Inc., its Board Members, or Windrush Subdivision. If you require copies of these documents to be used for legal purposes you may obtain them at either the Gwinnett County or Hall County Courthouses.

Do You Violate the Covenants?
You could be in violation without realizing that you are. Please become familiar with all of the covenants. They are in place to ensure a safe and pleasant community.
Here are the top 5 covenant violations:
Failure to have projects approved by Architectural Review Committee
Any structural changes, additions to homes, driveways, tree removal (if greater than 10”), play sets, storage buildings, garages, etc. If you are unsure whether you should get approval, check with a member of the ARC.

Overall Maintenance of Lots
Keep grass and shrubs cut. Maintain an overall neat appearance and keep weeds and rubbish under control.

Trash Containers
Trash containers visible on other than trash pick-up day
All trash cans should be out of sight and not visible from the street except on the day when trash pick-up is scheduled.

Tree removal
Make sure that if a tree falls on your property you have it removed in a timely manner.

Roaming pets
Be courteous to your neighbors and do not allow your pets to roam the neighborhood unsupervised. Animal Control will pick up roaming animals at the owner’s expense.